30 July 2014

A Different Angle

Caught in the act
Visiting Singapore to the –enth time, I figured I had to find something new for Andrew (apart from the new attraction Singapore always have in its agenda). So, on a visit to Singapore Zoo, I gave Andrew a camera. 

Here’s what he captured:

Then I told him what to capture: He has to focus on what he wants to get and put it as the target. He has to make sure the camera wasn’t moving so the pictures aren’t blur. He has to tell a story with his picture... there has to be a reason why he wants to capture that particular animal.

Then the pictures turned like this:

Second try - it's getting better
So, I decided to give him the camera beyond the Zoo... and have him take picture of Singapore from his perspective. Enjoy the pictures.

Capturing Singapore from Marina Bay Sands

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