11 November 2013

Zombie-fied for Halloween

For those who had known Andrew, this choice came as no surprise. There's only one option for his Halloween costume: ZOMBIE.

I don't bite...

Indonesia isn't a Halloween-type of country. Instead of the traditional trick-or-treat celebration, we have costume contest. Lucky for us, this year, Gandaria City held a trick-or-treat around the mall fot Halloween. I went from indifference to costume hunting within days. 

The Zombie Day

The trick-or-treat is quite simple. We arrive at the mall in costume (the parents are tempted to wear costume as well), then we sign up at the registration desk. As we sign up, we receive a color-coded card with a list of restaurant to go trick or treat to. Bigger kids go with their friends while the smaller ones go with their parents. It was fun, for me and for my son. I basically just follow him as he runs around the mall, doing his own trick or treat.
"This restaurant is over there Mom..." Then off he goes out of sight, asking the waiter for candies. 

We didn't go for the costume competition. It's the trick-or-treat that matters. 
and we love how Gandaria City arrange the event.

"It was fun, Mom. Let's do it again next year."
"Okay. What do you want to be next year?"

Oh my...

Trick or treat bag

How to be a (kid-friendly) Zombie:

  • Don't use new clothes. You're going to get it dirty with fake blood and dirt... and ruin it with scissors if you want to go all out
  • Choose dull over brights. Plaid works too. Jeans is your best option. 
  • Use dark eyeshadow to create deep eye socket. Use baby powder to make your skin looks pale.
  • Mess up your hair. Even better, wash your hair before you sleep and hold the already messy hair steady with hairspray or gel when you wake up.
  • Smear fake blood all over your mouth, clothes and hands. Get some dirt too.

How to make fake blood? Well, you can go the harder way (as in following The Walking Dead recipe) or simplifying the already simple version you found on the internet (like what I did). Mix honey and chocolate syrup with red food coloring. I did 1 tbsp honey and 1/2 teaspoon chocolate syrup with 3 drops of red food coloring and 1 drop of green food coloring. Some recipe suggests corn starch but I just used what's in my kitchen. It's a bit sticky but it works. It's honey based so it was fine for children.

01 November 2013


Once upon a time, Andrew posed for a magazine.
It's a magazine I loved when I was in America... and I love when I returned to Indonesia.

browsing its website, I found articles with his pictures as the article's illustration. It's funny to see him grow through the pictures.