01 November 2014

Posing as The Death

Halloween this year is full of spontaneous creativity. Signed up accidentally by submitting last year's zombie picture to Debenhams's instagram, we were invited to attend the department store's Halloween parade on October 26.


Then the real problem began when we have no idea for costume. Zombie seems so last year and Mama is too lazy to create a blood mixture. So, stopping by a kids toy store we found a reversible, green-and-black cape. From the cape, we found a stick... then the face tattoo from "Day of the Dead". Then Dudu decided he wanted to be Death.

In our head (as we've been reading too much manga), Death looks like this:

Undertaker from the Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Series
But he was too handsome. So, our version should be scary. Especially when the Invitation said so.

A little back on the eyes, a little tattoo here and there, plus a black nail polish. And voila, Andrew goes scary. Our spontaneity costs us around Rp250k (Rp150k for the cape, Rp 70k for the stick and the rest is for the tattoo - Mama's eyeshadow and nail polish don't count). It took us around one hour to get ready. It could be faster if I knew how to apply the temporary tattoo.

Applying the Makeup
But what makes us happy is the event. It was way beyond out expectation. First he went line up for a fashion show, and then he went around Debenhams for trick or treating. The employee on the floor came out, dressing up as pretty witches. It was like real Halloween. We didn't win in the end, but it doesn't matter. Dudu got picked as one of the favorites, and what's in the goody bag are a huge surprise for us.

We can't wait for next year. Happy Halloween. 

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