10 April 2014

#ThrowbackThursday: Yishun

While searching for ideas of what to post, I was browsing what's inside my laptop and find this screen capture for #DateWithDudu. Let's revisit Yishun.

#DateWithDudu at Yishun

One day we're stranded in Singapore, thanks to an early morning affordable flight the next morning. We have less than 24 hours and no hotel to stay. After dropping off our bags at the airport, we’re set to wait for my younger brother to get off work. His apartment is in Yishun area – or at least that’s the closest bus station from his place. We arrived at Yishun Northpoint Shopping Mall after lunch. Off the MRT station, we walked to Golden Village and ordered ticket for that afternoon show of The Lone Ranger. We bought books, toys, and some exam paper exercises (yes, Andrew goes to a Singaporean school in Jakarta so those papers worth it) and killed time at Starbucks. It’s our fourth Starbucks stops in four days.

That's how close we are with coffee.

What's in Yishun?
Mainly residential area. There are a lot of apartments, condos and high-rise buildings around the area. The mall is actually small (if you compared to the ones in Jakarta. But apparently it's the largest one in Northern Singapore. It has endless dining option and tons of toys stores. Andrew couldn't really complain. But aside from the mall, and the regional library inside the mall, you can walk 15 minutes to Yishun Park. Well-known for its tropical fruit tree collection, visiting this park can be a good chance to let your kids know what Durian tree is like. There's also a playground in the area. it sounds so nice.
One day we’ll return.

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