29 October 2013

KIDS MEAL: Thai Alley

Arriving at Thai Alley one afternoon (late lunch it is), I was surprised to be handed a kids meal list. Last time we ate there… I don’t quite remember what they had. I just remember that THAI ALLEY has the best curry in town haha.

On the list there were 4 choices (I don’t get the names cos they’re quite a trouble to pronounce)… and my son picked the bottom one (priced at Rp. 69.000 while the others are R. 59.000). The menu is: fried rice, fried chicken cutlets, breaded shrimps (or squid), jelly, and orange/strawberry juice. My son lobbied the waiter and he got his favorite apple juice instead.

And here’s what arrived on our table.

Andrew says: “Mom, this is the tastiest kids meal I’ve ever tried.” And he finished it all, including the apple juice.

Thai Alley is at Gandaria City

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