29 September 2014

#DateWithDudu Macau Wishlist

“Why Macau?”
That’s what my 8-year-old son asked when he peeked on what I’ve been browsing for the past hour.
“I don’t know. I’ve never been there.”
“Do you wanna go there, Mom?”
“Yeah, sure. Wanna browse what’s in Macau?”

Then this was how we started creating the #DateWithDudu itinerary… if we ever visit Macau someday.

With every journey we take, we have this “date”, which means the places we visited are date-able spots for Mom and Kid. I’ve heard so many times about how Macau isn’t for family vacation because the city is too grown up. So, I’m curious to break the myths and headed to the Macau Government Tourist Office Website. So here are our picks for Macau.

Dudu: “WHOA! Science Center!”

Photo: Macau Government Tourist Office Website
Browsing up what’s up for family, Andrew saw this immediately. Designed by Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei, the web lists “the 8000 x 8000 pixel screen equipment, a same-scale model of the Shenzhou-VII spaceship and a number of automatic intelligent robots” as the main features. http://www.msc.org.mo

Mama & Dudu: “Yeay! Panda!”

Photo: Macau Government Tourist Office Website
I grew up with a Panda stuffed animal and Andrew just plain loves the animal. Macau Giant Panda Pavilion would be a perfect getaway for both of us. http://www.macaupanda.org.mo

Mama: “Let’s Take A Walk”
Photo: Macau Government Tourist Office Website
We always miss a chance to just be able to take a walk… and enjoying what’s out there for us. So, finding out that Macau has these trails is like finding a big treasure. From the three mentioned on the website, the 2,150 metre-long Hác Sá Long Chao Kok Family Trail is the one appealing to me the most. It offers both mountain and sea view, so Andrew and me doesn’t have to choose. http://www.iacm.gov.mo/e/facility/introduction/trails/

Dudu: “What do they have for food in Macau, Mom?”
Photo: Macau Government Tourist Office Website
That’s one good (question) or concern coming from this picky eater haha. So, we have to check the cuisine section. I would personally try the Macanese cuisine, which the web describes as “A special combination of Portuguese and Chinese cuisine, with ingredients and seasonings assembled from Europe, Africa and South East Asia”. But it would be too much spice for Andrew who prefers plain-tasted dishes. But the yummy Chinese food (the dim sum assortments and the Peking style food he likes) are there too.

Mama: “Let’s see something different!”

Photo: Macau Government Tourist Office Website
Philosophy is something I often wished I can learn more. So when there is a show said to be “rooted in the ‘seven emotions’ of Chinese Confucian belief” combined with spectacular water-based performance that is children-friendly, I’m sold. So, let’s put The House of Dancing Water on the list. http://www.thehouseofdancingwater.com

In the end, Macau is about architecture and history. The Portuguese and Chinese cultural mix is definitely a unique delight. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to cross these items on the list soon.

Let's go on another adventure!
I originally wrote this for a competition and gave up fulfilling the requirement because there wasn't enough time. I wrote it anyway because I always want to go to Macau. Since the blog competition got extended, I decided to participate. So the space below is dedicated to fill the requirements. 

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