23 April 2014

The Ice Cream Personality Test

Originally created for dates – to see whether the guy sitting across you on the first date actually a potential match, I thought this can apply to mother-child relationship. 

My Favorite is Cotton Candy
Why not? I go on a date a lot with my son, and ice cream is part of our routine. Neurologist Dr Alan Hirsch on his book “What Flavor is Your Personality?” reveals how our taste buds affect our personality. Here’s what he shares:

  • Chocolate Chip: Competitive, competent and ambitious. Choco chip is for the life of the party. The good side is you can be generous.
  • Coffee: Coffee-lovers are dramatic, flirtatious and always seeking for new adventures. Even though you get bored easily, you give the best in what you do… while you’re on it.
  • Butter Pecan: If this flavor is your favorite, then you’re an introvert who’s sensitive to the feelings of others. On the other side, you’re a devoted person who also cares about how much you spend. 
  • Mint Chocolate Chip: This flavor gives out the confidence you have in life. Despite being skeptical about how life goes, you plan for the future. Honesty and family are two things you treasure the most.
  • Rocky Road: Goal-oriented, outgoing and aggressive. Whoa! You like being pampered and appreciates the finer things in life. Bossy is your middle name, but more often than not, people are convinced to follow what you say.
  • Vanilla: Surprise! Instead of being plain and boring, Vanilla people are emotionally expressive, aims high, and determined to get what they want. You’re not afraid to take risk although that doesn’t mean you go jump off the cliff when the rest of your friends are jumping off.
  • Strawberry: You love strawberry means you are logical, loyal and supportive. You don’t mind working behind the scene as you’re very tolerant about things.
  • Chocolate: You’re very passionate with what you do that people find that charming. You are also easygoing and young at heart. But Choco lovers are also dramatic, flirtatious and gullible. Whoops!
  • Rainbow Sherbet: Identical with diet, the sherbet/sorbet family is about being pessimistic. Despite its bright colors, life for sherbet’s fans are dull as they tend to analyze too much and taking not enough decision.

Of course, my favorite flavor: THE cotton candy isn’t here. 

When It Comes To Milk...
Now the question remains: can you apply this to formula/UHT milk flavor? Here’s what I came up with: Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate stay the same with what’s stated above. Honey can go for Butter Pecan and other adventurous flavors (like that honey dew or banana milk) can go for Mint Choco Chip or Rainbow Sherbet.

My Vanilla son is always on the go and says what he has to say. He sets high goal for himself and stays focus to get what he wants. As for me, I was often criticized as being too relax and too easygoing when it comes to being a parent. Some even says I’m more of my son’s friend instead of his mom.

So what? I’m a chocolate milk person.

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  1. Aku suka Vanilla dan Chocolate. Ya betul! Aku emotionally expressive dan juga dramatic. Hehehehe.... ada ternyata ya kepribadian berdasarkan rasa es krim kesukaan. TFS, Mak. ^^


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