27 January 2014

My Coffee My Personality

Most #DateWithDudu locations involve coffee shop at some point. I'm an avid coffee drinker and we often goes to coffee shop on the weekend to do homeworks. Me and my black coffee. Andrew with his plain milk (sometimes steamed). 

So, when I found this article talking about coffee and personality, I immediately clicked on.

Research found that the black coffee drinkers were straight up, straightforward and no-nonsense individuals. Black coffee drinkers were found to be "purist' and prefer to keep things simple. They were found to be patient and simple but also set in their ways and resistant to making changes.Being quiet and moody were also common traits found in black coffee drinkers.


I hate things when it's complicated. When my son goes on his usual drama, I usually says "Gitu aja kok ribet sih?" 

Latte drinkers are more relax, generous but sometimes too comfortable with themselves.
Frozen, blended and Frappuccino drinkers are trendsetters, socially bold but reckless.
Cappuccino and decaf/soy/specifically order coffee drinkers like to be in control but tend to worry too much about everything
Instant coffee drinkers likes to procrastinate, laid-back and taking life one step at a time

Unfortunately, my 7-year-old isn't a coffee drinker. Despite having a mom with constant sip, and him as a baby playing with coffee paper cups, he'd close his mouth and nose with his hands once I put my mug on the table. He still orders his usual plain milk. 

The same survey says that "non-coffee drinkers need to join the world of grown ups." I can assure you, I'm not in a hurry to see Andrew order his first cup of coffee anytime soon. If he does, I hope it'll be black just like mine.

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